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 The Helmet 

 Not acting   anymore 

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A satirical depiction of a state of turmoil and war through the eyes of children forced to grow up too soon.

                 Short film - Documentary - Drama

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A journey of a creative emerging inventor in his twenties from Yemen, and his struggle to reach his dreams escape war and the episodes of gunfire and blockade.

                 Short film - Sci-fi fiction - Drama




Yemeni Filmmaker

Osama Khaled, born October 1993 in Sana’a Yemen and currently based in Berlin Germany. 
Osama grew up passionate about art. He used his family camera to express his thoughts and ideas. The first film he produced was when he was 17 years old in 2009 and it is called “A worker’s Life”. He studied radio and television at Sana’a University during that time he launched in 2014 a small production company called ‘Background’ and worked for several local and international companies and TV channels in Yemen. 
Osama worked as main film directors and editors at Afro1 Productions- Yemen, where he worked on a number of short documentaries in the midst of Yemen's most critical time of war and conflict. Such as, Weddings into Funerals; We Want to Live!; Waiting for Justice; amongst other short documentaries that he worked on to deliver the voices of victims during the war in Yemen. In 2017 He co-founded Comra Films, a Yemen-based film community space for film-production and training.

Osama is currently developing two future films. A sci-fi feature film called The Helmet which talks about a creative emerging inventor male in his twenties from Yemen that has a dream of changing the bad reality he lives in but can't due to the war and flights blockage in his home country Yemen, he thinks of other creative ways to change the reality by inventing a new machine that supposed to transfer him into places but discovers another dimension owned by a group of people. And another documentary film called Not acting anymore. talks about the journey of two brothers (Ahmed 12 years old and Njm 13 years old) who live in Yemen and document every single day during the war by their own camera. 

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