Music video | Genre: Dance/Electronic | Language: Arabic | Duration: 3 Minutes | Country: Yemen| Releasing date: January 2020

In the last 2 years, I have noticed that Yemenis and also foreigners are becoming less interested in News channels or newspapers. That's where the idea of Tesber music video project came into my mind and I decided to chase people to the entertainment world where you can still share the forgetting stories they're trying to avoid. 

Tesber is a music video that reflects the real situation on the ground In Yemen in an artistic way, telling the story of many Yemenis facing the daily life struggles to provide basic human needs such as water, electricity and more.

The music video now is in the production phase where the artists in Yemen are shooting the scenes of the story, all the character faces will be covered with animal face masks that represent the messy situation we are going through which is almost like a jungle where everyone is hitting everyone. 

Without blaming any party but to raise awareness of the problems that everyone is going through everywhere, 
The lyrics and visuals are written and produced very carefully to focus on the main aim and message, which is sharing the bad real situation on the ground to people outside Yemen and also inside Yemen in an artistic way and encouraging the Yemeni Artists to use different platforms to share their thoughts and voice with the world. 

The music video will be followed by an online campaign from Yemeni social influencers to encourage the Yemenis to join the competition which is a challenge to write lyrics and sing a from everyone's perspective to share their stories and struggles inside for example for people trying to create job opportunities for themselves and outside Yemen for example where students are struggling to finish their studies. 

Tesber Rappit Cover.jpg